12pcs hunting 8.8mm OD and 30inch length with blue and white color fletch aluminum arrow shaft compound bow arrow

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Point Material: Steel
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Type: Arrow
Use: Hunting
Feather Material: Plastic
Model Number: A-0006-BLUE

Product Description

12pcs/lot Hunting arrow 12pc 30" aluminum blue&white with arrowhead compound bow arrow hunting arrow

1. Material for shaft : aluminum

2. Material for broadhead : stainless steel

3. Length: 30inch

4. Outer diameter: 8.8mm

5. Fletching material: plastic with two blue and white color

6. Broadheads : screw and insert , can changable and swap

7. Nock : groove shape

All the insert type broadheads in our store could be used with this arrow

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