12pcs/lot Replaceable Arrowhead 85cm Archery Hunting Mixed Carbon Arrows with Turkey Feather Spine 500 for Recurve Bow

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Point Material: Steel
Shaft Material: Carbon
Brand Name: other
Type: Arrow
Use: Hunting
Feather Material: Other
Model Number: S21
Application: Hunting, Shooting, Sport Practice

Product Description

12pcs/lot Archery Hunting Mixed Carbon Arrows with Red&Black Turkey Feather Replaceable Arrowhead Spine 500 Hunting Bow Arrows


Name: Mixed carbon arrow (replaceable head) Diameter: 8mm, Length: 85 cm (finished) Weight: 38 grams Deflection: 500 Good for: traditional bow, recurve, long bow, etc. NOTE: This is NOT a toy do NOT shoot at people