2015 15-100mm Carbide Tip Tipped Drill Bit Set Metal Wood Alloy Cutter Hole Saw Tool

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Model Number: SKU155957
Type: Twist Drill Bit
DIY Supplies: Metalworking

Product Description

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This hole saw has a twist drill bit inside, with the sharp carbide teeth it's perfect for fast cuttingof clean round holes :)
The gears is made from carbide steel and designed in a sharp and solid way,in order to make the product more stabilized and
service long with lower consumption.
It suitable for hand held electric drill,stand motor driven drilling machine and mobile ribbon type magnetism drilling machine.
Cutting quick and precise holes in stainless steel, mild steel, iron, copper, brass and wood.

Specifications :
Material : Carbide steel
Depth it can drill : Approx. 20mm
Length : 7cm
Outside Diameter : 16mm/17mm/19mm/20mm/21mm/22mm/23mm/25mm/28mm/32mm/50mm

Note : Only include 1 piece Hole Saw, please select the right size suit for you to buy :)

Package includes :
1 x Carbide Tip Metal Cutter Hole Saw