2015 New Original T950S tablet pc IPS Screen 3G Phone 9.7 inch Octa Core 1920X1200 1.7GHz 2GB 16GB /32GB 9 10 10.1

price: US $160.20
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Item Type: Tablet PC
Tablet Data Capacity: 16GB
Network Communiction: Built-in 3G
Network Communiction: Bluetooth
Network Communiction: Wifi
Screen Size: 9.7"
Extend Port: 3G External
Extend Port: Earphone Jack

Product Description

The tablet properties

Host size: 226 x 161 x 8 mm
TP appearance material: tempered glass, a integrated, a new generation of technology
Image processor: built-in 533 MHZ enhanced Mali400
Operating system: Android4.4.2
Leaped: eight core 1.6 GHz
Run memory: 2 gb DDR3
Hard disk capacity: 16 gb / 32 gb / 64 gb is optional
Battery capacity: 8000 mah polymer lithium battery
The home screen size: 20.8 CM long and 13 CM wide
The home screen size: 9.7 inches
Double card double stay: support unicom and mobile
Touch screen: a new generation of nanotechnology G + G toughened glass touch screen
The home screen material: Gao Qingquan perspective IPS screen
The home screen resolution: 1920 * 1200