30″ Fiberglass shaft archery arrow with orange and yellow arrow nock feather high quality compound bow hunting archery arrow

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Point Material: Steel
Shaft Material: Glass Fiber
Brand Name: No
Type: Arrow
Use: Hunting
Feather Material: Plastic
Model Number: A-0008

Product Description

30" fiberglass 8mmOD hunting arrow with arrow nock feathers and arrow tips compound bow archery and hunting arrow

  1. Material for shaft : glass fiber
  2. Material for broadhead : stainless steel
  3. Length: 30"
  4. Outter diameter of shaft : 8mm
  5. Weight of arrow (tip included):665GR
  6. Weight of arrow tip :100GR
  7. Arrow feather material : plastic
  8. Arrow feather size :3"
  9. Arrow feather color : two orange and one yellow
All the insert arrow broadheads in our store can be used on this arrow

Please note :

If the arrow feather is out of shape for long delivery, you could put the feather into hot water( just the feather, not include arrow nock), then the feather will recover it's shape. The Express Supplier recommend is China Post Register Air Mail , which could be checked on web www.17track.net with trading NO.