Archery Hunting Camo Compound Bow Whisker biscuit Arrow Rest Medium Size

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Brand Name: Nastar
Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Use: Hunting
Model Number: Medium
Color: Camo

Product Description

The Whisker Biscuit's design makes setup easier than ever before. Attach the Whisker Biscuit to your riser mounting holes and it automatically lines up the arrow rest. This model is designed for use with left and right hand bows.

  • Composite-Encased Biscuit/Brush Capture
  • Windage and elevation adjustment
  • Reference Marks for Windage and Elevation Adjustment
  • Designed for Use with Left and Right Hand Bows
  • Holds Your Arrow Safely and Securely
  • Medium Size
  • Below picture show all the fittings included
  • Loose package