Auto engine parts 5CA205, 31110-33100 fuel pump for Hyundai.

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Brand Name: WAJ
Model Name: AIRTEX:E2044
Material Type: Metal
Car Maker: Hyundai
Year: 1989-1992
External Testing Certification: CE
Item Type: Fuel Supply & Treatment
Displacement: 2.0,2.4

Product Description

Quick Details:

  • Category: fuel pump
    Cross Reference WALBRO:5CA205; HYUNDAI:31110-33100
    Pressure: 3Bar
    Flow: 90L/h
    Application Liter Year
    Hyundai SONATA L4 2.4 1989-1991
    Hyundai SONATA L4 2.0 1992
    Hyundai SONATA V6 3.0 1990-1992
  • Caution:
  • 1.Prohibit fuel pump free working in non-oil situation;
    2.Fuel pump in line should use standard fuel:alcohol pump can use alcohol fuel,diesel fuel pump use diesel fuel,methanol fuel pump use methanol;
    3.You need replace the fuel pump and strainer/filter at the same time;
    4.It is not allowed to use falled off products;
    5.Replace fuel filter according to the stipulated time or mileage;
    6.Replacement pump should be kept in clean work environment;
    7.Oil should be added timely if it is too low,it is recommended to add oil when the tank only have 1/3 of fuel;
    8.Fuel pump should match with vehicles models.
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