Brand new microtech hunting knife camping knives karambit survival folding knife D-2 blade tactical knife no spyderco

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Brand Name: microtech
Type: Folding Blade
Model Number: 11ht

Product Description

After you use the knife, rinse with water and dry immediately with a dry cloth

-For safety, do not grab the knife by the blade when dropped -Do not test the sharpness of the knife on the finger or any other bodypart -Store knife away from childrens reach when not in use -Never let children use or handle the knife

Additional Features

Blade Steel: D-2 steel
Handle: 6061-T6
Blade length: 9.7 cm
Closed length: 12.5 cm
Overall length: 22.2 cm
Weight: 170 g


Your Microtech knife is considered a cutting tool of the highest quality designed to serve you long and well. Below we have outlined the Knife Care steps for you that we suggest. By following these simple steps, your knife will last you for many years. Not following these instructions could void your warranty . Proper care and maintenance will help ensure your knife’s performance.


Cleaning: Your Microtech knife is made of premium grade high carbon stainless steel wherein edge holding is favored over rust-resistance. Minimal care is required in order to prevent rust and corrosion, please clean your knife using compressed air.
Lubricate: An occasional drop of REM oil into the pivot pin or choil area will keep the action of your knife working smooth and efficient.
Avoid Abuse: Never use your knife as a punch, chisel, prybar or screwdriver. Never throw your knife; it was not designed for that purpose. Never try to sharpen your knife on a power driven grinder wheel. This can burn the temper from the blade and completely destroy the ability to hold a fine edge and would void the knife’s warranty. It is also best not to use a “drag-through†type of sharpener or any sharpener designed for inexpensive cutlery.
Storage: You may store your knife in either an open or closed position.