Carbon Arrow 12pcs 30″ Archery Plastic Feathers Arrows With Changeable Arrowhead Plastic Feathers For Hunting Compound Bow Arrow

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Point Material: Steel
Shaft Material: Carbon
Brand Name: MY arrow
Type: Arrow
Use: Shooting
Feather Material: Plastic
Model Number: U0098BD12

Product Description

Changeable Arrowheads 12pcs 31" Spine 400 Carbon Shaft Arrow Hunting Archery With Plastic Feather For Compound Bow Free Shipping


1. Shaft length: Appox. 30 inches / 80cm 2. Inner diameter: 6.2mm 3. Material: 80% Carbon 4. Weight: 30g each 5. Deflection: SP 350-400 6. Quantity: 12PCS 7. Remark: We also have 3pcs/lot, 6pcs/lot, and 12pcs/lot in our store. This arrow is made of top quality materials .It has good performance, low hand shock with good speed. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A TOY PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT AT PEOPLE