Chinese organic peas green nuts rich in protein very good for health nice snacks

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Chinese organic peas green nuts rich in protein very good for health nice snacks

[Commodity] yellow peas

[Weight] 500g [Packaging] ziplock bags with packing more [Save] 1 year [Features] full no impurity particles uniformly [Use] After a dip in the small snack foods can make porridge [Pea components: per 100g peas contains: Energy 105 kcal, protein 7.4 g, fat 0.3 g, carbohydrates 21.2 g, 82.6 micrograms of folic acid, 3 g dietary fiber, vitamin A37 micrograms, 220 micrograms of carotene, thiamine 0.43 mg, 0.09 mg riboflavin, 2.3 mg niacin, vitamin C14 mg, vitamin E1.21 mg, 21 mg calcium, 127 mg phosphorus, 332 mg of potassium, sodium 1.2 mg, 0.9 mg iodine, 43 mg magnesium, 1.7 mg iron , 1.29 mg of zinc, selenium, 1.74 mg, 0.22 mg copper, manganese 0.65 mg. [Pea] medicinal value: peas: Chinese medicine, peas and sweet flat, with deficiency diuresis effect, is therapeutic to share prolapse, chronic diarrhea, uterine prolapse symptoms such as gas shortage. Furthermore, peas are rich in vitamin A, after eating can be converted to vitamin A in the body, soothing effect, dry skin should eat. But peas eat more easily bloating, indigestion, not a lot of food does not get angry. {Nutritional benefits} Rich in vitamin C and sugar pea in the pod pea leaves nitrosamines in the body and can break down enzymes that can break down nitrous Amine, has the effect of anti-cancer cancer prevention. Peas and vegetables generally differ only pitchfork contained acid, gibberellin and Plant lectins and other substances with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, enhance metabolic functions. Snow peas and bean sprouts in containing Relatively rich in dietary fiber, can prevent constipation, bowel role there. 1 enhance immune function: Peas are rich in various nutrients needed by the body, especially those containing high quality protein, can improve the body's Disease resistance and rehabilitation capabilities. 2 anti-cancer cancer: Peas are rich in carotene, synthetic human carcinogens after eating to prevent, reduce cancer-shaped To reduce the incidence of cancer in the body. 3 Tom Lee colon: Peas are rich in crude fiber, can promote bowel movements, will be able to maintain a large smooth, clean play a role in the large intestine.