Dragon tales,hunting compound bow,40-60lbs,Black color,bow and arrow set,Cjina archery

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Bow Type: Compound Bow
Type: Bow
Use: Hunting

Product Description

Main specifications

Initial arrow speed: 350 fps

Axle - to -Axle: 32inch Brace Height: 6inch Draw weight: 40-60lbs (adjustable) Draw Lengths: 23.5inch-30inch Let-off:80% Bow Weight: 4.6 lbs

Package Content

1 x Compound bow, 1 x D-Loop (assembled) , 1 x Peep hole (assembled) , 1 x 5-pin opt sight, 1 x 1 x 2 x Ruber Dampers (assembled), 1 x String silencer (assembled), 1 x Wrist sling, 1 x String wax 1 x Allen Wrench Set, 6× arrows 1 x Instruction,