Free shipping ! 11.6 inch Tablet PC Windows 8.1 Dual Core Intel Core I5 tablet Dual camera 3G phone call tablet pc

price: US $778.00
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Item Type: Tablet PC
Tablet Data Capacity: 250GB
Network Communiction: Built-in 3G
Network Communiction: Bluetooth
Network Communiction: Wifi
Network Communiction: 4G LTE
Network Communiction: External 3G
Extend Port: 3G External

Product Description

Bben S16 ,windows tablet


We provide 4 bundles for your choice

Bundle 1: Intel I5 CPU +4GB RAM+32GB SSD+3G WCDMA+keyboard+ethernet adapter

Bundle 2: Intel I5 CPU +4GB RAM+64GB SSD+3G WCDMA+keyboard+ethernet adapter

Bundle 3: Intel I5 CPU +4GB RAM+128GB SSD+3G WCDMA+keyboard+ethernet adapter

Bundle 4: Intel I5 CPU +4GB RAM+256GB SSD+3G WCDMA+keyboard+ethernet adapter

Notice: If these five bundles don't include the one you want, please tell us the one you want, or you can change by click the picture below.

Main Features in English :

  • Bben S16 windows 8.1/ Windows 7/ windows XP Tablet PC
  • 11.6 inch IPS 10-point-touch + original handwriting input electromagnetic Screen 1366*768
  • Intel celeron 1037ULV/ Intel ivy bridge I3/I5/I7 CPU(optional)
  • 2GB/4GB/8GB RAM32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB ROM
  • WiFi/ Bluetooth/ Built-in 3G (built-in 3G is optional)
  • Dual Cameras 5.0MP(rear)+1.3MP (front)
  • HDMI interface+dual USB
  • Magnetic keyboard (optional)

Note in english
  • English is installed by default, if you want other language, please leave us a message
  • Windows 8.1 is installed by default
  • Screen protector is send with the package
  • RAM/ROM/3G WCDMA/CPU is optional, if you don't want this one, you can go to our store to choose one you like
  • Ethernet adapter is used for wired internet connection
  • 3G WCDMA for network and phone call

Notice in russia