Free Shipping,Durable Metal Release aid and Bow Release for Hunting Archery Compound Bow

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Brand Name: Nastar
Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Use: Hunting
Model Number: BR011
Application: bow drawing, help save 15% strength
Color: Black
Capacity: Can pull 20-65lbs
usage mold: Wrist mode

Product Description


1. 360 Degrees Twist & Spin release, for both right left, flexible for adjust shooting angle.

2. Firm structured, but sensitive Trigger makes arrow release and Firm Grip makes sure bow string grap firm & tight. 3. Very smooth triger, bearing inside make the silent release 4. return spring designed, avoid the mistouch triger to release 5 .Adjustable wrist strap, Either Big or small hand can handle, Fits youth and adult. 8" x 5" x 0.6"