Freeshipping Hunting Bow arrow Set, M122 Caesar Compound Bow,bow And Archery Set

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Brand Name: Junxing
Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Use: Hunting
Model Number: M122
Axle to axle: 30.5"
Brace height: 7.2"
Draw length: 26-30"
Draw weight: 40-70lbs

Product Description

Product Description

Super Aluminium alloy handle, CNC machined handled super aluminium alloy cams,rubber dampers and stabilizer.


RH&LH compound bow(RH means draw the string by right hand, LH means draw the string by left hand)


Riser Super quality aluminium alloy
Cams Super quality aluminium alloy and CNC machined
Limbs Double limbs on each end made of fibreglass wth excellent flexibility
String Imported String, durable and flexible, no extension

Packaging & Shipping



box size: 85*35*6.5cm

carton size: 87*36*47cm

G.W./N.W.: 17/15KGS

Dark camo, light camo and black color avaliable and can be Customerized


Never dry fire, which leads to deadly damage to the bow and injury to the archer and people around.
Avoid heat and damp, which can damage the limbs of bow.
When shoot, make sure there are no people or other non-targets in shooting range.
Inspect the bow regularly, never use the bow with damaged parts and replace them in time.
Never shoot arrows straight up in the air. Child use should be under adults supervision.


The bow needs regular maintenance. Check the string each time before shooting. If the string is loose, please tighten it and if the string is broken or damaged, please replace it in time.
The string becomes pale after using for a while, please use string wax to improve it. Wax the string, then rub the string fast back and forth until the wax fully permeates the string.
Keep the release aid in dry place when do not use it, drop some lube to the pins and axises regularly. Never disassemble the release aid.
When shoot, if arrow-vane is distorted, put it in hot water(no more than 2 minutes) to restore.

Keep the bow in dry, cool and ventilated place and avoid to be in hot and humid places. Apply some anticorrosive oil or lube to the spare parts like axis hole, bolts etc.Never touch the bow, especially the limbs, strings and cams with sharp objects.Never put the bow under heavy goods.Keep the bow out of children reach.

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