Freeshipping New 1000 grams of fresh ginkgo Green Food Xuzhou super premium nuts raw ginkgo nuts

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Grade: 1
Shelf Life: 380days
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Blended
Weight (kg): 1
Production license number: 320318010468
Product standards: GB / T22165-2008
Make: Xuzhou this mill Food Co.

Product Description

500-year- old ginkgo (send recipes ).Buy two open fruit is sent .2014 new goods,Non-transgenic , non- grafted wild ginkgo , organic pollution , and trees 500 years old . Spike the whole network .

Note: buy 2pcs the open set will be given.

Buy 4 get one with the money,Buy two to send the fruit is open(Send recipes ).Value 2 pounds of equipment, aGinkgo fruit ginkgo, 500 years old , 1000 g ,Natural,No bleach , no sulfur smoked flavor, not buy such a good ginkgo on the market , after inspection certification , the origin of organic pollution . Buy two or more fruit is sent to open , no matter how many pieces of fruit is sent to only one open , oh. For example, 100 is the one gift oh.2 priority shipping,

Pro, ginkgo fruit " smell " indicates " fruit " ripe , like apples ripe scent exudes the same chemically wandering through the ginkgo is not there , " stink " , and our family ginkgo yes, the new fruit , fresh fruit , without any chemical bleaching , pro please rest assured purchase .

Ginkgo nuts contain a variety of nutrients, in addition to starch, Protein,Fat,CarbohydrateBut also contains vitamin C, riboflavin , carotene , calcium, phosphorus, iron , potassium, magnesium, etc.Trace ElementsAnd ginkgo acid, ginkgo phenol , five-carbon polysaccharides, sterols and other lipid components

Everywhere we can see the local Xuzhou Oh , all varieties ginkgo tree.


1. Before the first wet ginkgo microwave , microwave low heat without fire , it is easier to control ginkgo dry humidity ;
2. Each must crack the ginkgo into them, not to have missed , or will burst ;
3. Eat a few ginkgo should not not more than 10 per day.

Quality assurance .

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