HOT sales High quality auto fuel pump module E7197M parts for car engine parts for JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE V6, V8

price: US $125.00
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Brand Name: WAJ
Model Name: E7197M
Item Width: 5.945 inch
Material Type: POM
Item Height: 10.827 inch
Car Maker: Jeep
Year: 2005-2010
External Testing Certification: ISO9001

Product Description

Auto fuel pump assembly for JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE V6 V8

Quick Detail

Type: Fuel pump module




Place of origin:made in CHINA


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.Notice during application
.-40degree–+70degree temperature under work condition

.The fuel level should be no less than 45mm the first time the pump is at work,no less than 25cm the

second time

.The car is supposed to parked under ventilation,cool and dry condition if it is parked unused for long,
avoid the sunlight because chemicals in the fuel and corrupt the fuel level sender
.Trial start the engine in idle when the vehicle is unused ,we suggest you to keep the engine running for

15-20 minutes every month,to keep the fuel flowing in face of cementation

To dry run the fuel pump without fuel is not allowed ,that will cause the damage of the electrode
and the failure of the pump
Terminal blocks of the electrode cannot switch,otherwise the armature would operate another way,
the electrode might be damaged and the fuel pump motor burned
Make sure there's no impurity in the fuel which might causes the crimp in filter and the system
cannot supply fuel in that case
Apply quality fuel to make sure the fuel pump function in the long run

The fuel pump crashes,drops down from height or is placed under heat condition


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