Micro Technology DOC (death exposure)-hunting knife folding pocket knife

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Brand Name: Microtech
Type: Folding Blade
Model Number: DOC

Product Description

Brand: Micro Technology D.O.C (death exposure) Full length: 228mm Blade length: 90mm Handle length: 130mm Blade width: 36mm Blade thickness: 5.0mm Blade material: D2 (cryogenic treatment) Weight: 200g Hardness: 58-60HRC Surface: Brushed Titanium + Handle Material: TC4 titanium alloy + carbon fiber Toolholder: TC4 Titanium Screws: All 420 stainless steel screws, hardness HRC45, full CNC machining carved. Structure: split into the lock lever cable lock structure, contacts mosaic alloy lock knife grains, ceramics positioning beads, built-in flat needle bearing pads. Other: with color combination and birth certificate