Mini Pen Fishing Rod Shape Portable Pocket Aluminum Alloy Hard Fish Spinning Stream Rod Pole With Reel 20CM 6Color

price: US $9.90
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Position: Reservoir Pond
Hardness: Hard
Category: Stream Rod
Brand Name: other
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Length (cm): 20
Model Number: HQ-AA

Product Description

Gift pen fishing rod type specification The product of form a complete set together: including gift pen fishing rod, ST5RL side drum wheel, fishing line, fishing bait fishing, floating ball, lead will use the small accessories Delicate and beautiful: pen set composed of aluminum oxide, color is divided into: red, blue, silver, gold, purple, etc., contraction length is 20.5 CM; Shaft gray, commonly used material for epoxy, 93-100 cm long, a total of five section, guide the eye for stainless steel and ceramic ring, South Korea, on line protection. The total weight of stem is 55 g ST5RL drum total length is 7 cm, length is 4.5 cm, body width is 3 cm, net weight is 70 g, is made of aluminum alloy, golden in color Portable: great for color box packaging, specifications for 22 x11x4cm, for plastic blister. Also can be used as the most suitable gift given friends. Still can carry to go fishing Easy to use: remove the blister directly. Take out penholder section, section, small drum wheel set in the shaft seat can be used