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Grade: AAA
Shelf Life: 730
Brand Name: CSY
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Item Type: walnut nut
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Product Description

pine nut function:

1. The northeast pine nuts are rich in oil and a variety of nutrients, it is pure natural green beauty food.

2. The northeast pine nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, linoleic acid is human body composition of various tissues and cells, is also the main components of the brain and nerve tissue, as well as physical illnesses also can promote the growth and development;And a large number of minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc., can increase the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent cardiovasculardisease, etc. Canalsoeliminate fatigue, strengthen physical body.

3. The northeast pine nuts are rich in vitamin E, and inhibit cell membrane lipid peroxidation, protect cells against free radical damage, a potent antioxidant effect, still can anti-aging.

4. The northeast pine nuts are rich in fatty oil (about 74%), mainly for oleic acid ester and linoleic acid ester, runchang purge, can improve constipation and has certain curative effect.
.If you want to choose open the northeast pine nuts, should choose open irregular advisable, this kind of irregular openings northeast pine nuts are mostly formed by extrusion machine, also the most authentic;Too neat and bright color, and his mouth should not choose, the open class and tidy of the northeast pine nuts are added chemicals,

Northeast pine nuts sexual flavour gan, ping.In the general population are edible, and cough phlegm, weak spleen and stomach, loose stools, serious adverse gallbladder function,