Reflective Car Decoration Superheroes Baby On Board Car Stickers And Decals for Volkswagen Skoda Honda Hyundai Kia Lada

price: US $2.06
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Item Type: Stickers
is_customized: Yes
Item Height: 0 inch
Brand Name: N
Sticker Placement: The Whole Body
Model Name: sticker
Item Width: 10 cm
Design: Cartoon

Product Description

Eflective film sculpture type car stickers

(sticker is hollow out,No background )

Default Dimension:AS picture

(ps:If you want a different size,please communicate with me Different size different price)

Note:The size selection instructions above apply to most of the models.However,we can't promise the size is perfect for your car.If you want more precise size please measure your car first then place the order.Thanks

B.How to choose the right color of car stickers
White car:Use black,reflective red or reflective blue stickers
Black car:Use reflective white,reflective yellow or reflective red stickers
Red car:Use reflective silver white or reflective yellow stickers
Blue car:Use reflective silver white or reflective yellow stickers
Yellow car:Use black sticker
Dark gray car:Use reflective silver white or pure white stickers
Silver car and light gray:Use black stickers
PS:Color selection of Windshield sticker is not affected by car color.The color selection scheme is for reference only

C.About the material of car stickers
We adopt professional PVC sticker material,100% waterproof,No fade , No degumming , No damage to car paint,No trace left after tearing off the sticker.And we provide reflective and non-reflective material

D.Use-method of car sticker
Use-method for small sticker:
Step1:Clean the surface of the target,keep dry
Step2:Tear off the backing layer of the sticker
Step3:Find and fix the proper position that needed to stick
Step4:Please slowly stick with a scraper or credit card
Step5:Tear off the transparent transfer film
Step6:Completed(don’t wash car in 2days)
Use-method for big sticker:
We suggest you look for help from local professional automotive beauty shop,If you want stick it by yourself, Please follow the steps below
Step1:Prepare the tools:watering can,pen knife,scissors,towel.scraper or credit card
Step2:Tear off the backing layer and spray water to decrease the sticker viscosity,then better to adjust the position
Step3:After sticking use towel to make dry
Step4:Use scarper or credit card to make it firmly fixed then wait time until dry,then tear off the transparent transfer film and complete(don’t wash car in 2days)