Small 20 26 24 mountain bike disc brakes double shock folding bicycle with variable speed

price: US $311.10
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Front Fork Type: Spring Fork (Low Gear Non-damping)
Gears: 21 Speed
Gender: Men
Brand Name: Bicycle
Frame Material: Steel
Load Capacity: 150kg
Braking System: Double Disc Brake
Pedal Type: Ordinary Pedal

Product Description

When buyers receipt, must personally check with the courier to confirm the baby is in good condition, be sure to check clear if there is damage, the number is correct, if there are any questions to promptly deal with or refuse to sign. This courier company will be responsible for damages after receipt ask questions, express delivery companies will not Renzhang is your buyer's responsibility.

After arrival, be sure to face inspection, re-sign. After receipt, no problem is recognized, but there is no doubt that the integrity of goods, the restaurant does not bear the consequences, note before you buy, do not dispute the complaint.

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20Inch Disc brake hange

24Inch Knife ring hangers

24Inch Disc brake hanger

Tips: truck pictures for reference only, are received in kind, due to lots of different cars, some parts may be slightly different manufacturers under the premise that we do not notice the truck subtle changes to the configuration, this unacceptable, pro mind? carefully shot all gift shop items and some accessories are issued randomly to receive the kind prevail, all bikes issue to go after the fork are anti-installed, do remember when assembling the car Oh come now, disc piece must be on the left just right! !

1. After receipt of goods requires assembly it? We sent the car is generally 80% of the semi-finished products, which are mostly assembled, due to the nature of the industry and transport regulations, some prominent parts are required after the arrival of self-assembly, such as: foot, cushions, handlebars, front wheel, etc. . After because it is a new car, and after long-distance transport, so you receive the car assembly, need to debug brakes, transmissions, tighten the screws. If you are not self-installation and commissioning, I recommend that you go to a professional car repair place for assembly. (Transverse to the best one-time installation is successful, this may leave scratches), buyers pay special attention, there are sub-L represents the left foot around it, to the rotating counterclockwise twist, R on behalf of the right to a clockwise twist on. As part due to the buyer installs itself causes damage, the restaurant does not take responsibility. 2. The transit will wear it? Bicycles are big-ticket items, OUR baby will have a dedicated shipping department before shipment strict quality control, multi-layer carton body, has adopted a strict package of measures to minimize wear. Due to the special nature of this industry products, transit is inevitable that it will be scored scratch it may cause some minor scratches on the car, the car does not affect the use, I hope you can understand. Buyer can not accept this, please buy carefully. 3. With regard to color Shop all pictures are taken in kind, every baby were shot multiple times under different lighting, different camera parameters, different backgrounds, pick out the closest kind of pictures. Postproduction just add some text and try to restore the authenticity of the item, but when shooting with buyers look for the light and angle can not be the same, will have some different color display, can not be exactly the same kind of color particularly demanding requirements buyers buy carefully. Final results to prevail in kind, color is not refunded within range! Assembly Note: Adjust the brake and shift can contact customer service shop, the assembly can not be found or have questions you can feel free to contact customer service, one thing to remember, right foot clockwise tightened his left foot counterclockwise tighten, no matter what type of car the foot of what is on this, the first to bring gently, and then use the tool, you can spin without effort into it, if you feel hard, then most likely you are on the wrong, scored to determine well then, the life and screwed into the case a few days riding foot will fall to crank thread will be broken, and finally only for the entire dental plate, on this point must be noted that all the questions are certainly appears early foot improperly assembled, to the time we're not responsible for the problem, where repeated reminders, we must pay attention! ! !