traditonal Outdoor Sport hunting Archery shooting practice Black leather Handmade Bow Longbow + bowbag bow&arrows

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Brand Name: hunting
Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Use: Shooting
Model Number: df23
use : hunting
type : bow & arrow set
bow type : recurve bow

Product Description

traditonal Outdoor Sport hunting archery hunting bowshooting practice Black leather Handmade Bow Longbow + bowbag bow&arrows

Archery is an effective means to exercise the body, often engage in archery, it can cause the body to produce a good change. Not only can enhance the arm, waist, leg strength, but also developed chest, back muscles, improve focus, enhance physical fitness. Often participate in archery activities, can promote the development of moving organs, strengthen metabolism can make the blood supply to the bone is improved, bones become more sturdy robust, while improving the resistance and the ability to support bone, so bone structure and performance enhancements .

2015 shall fully upgraded, using imported materials, more durable and more beautiful! ! Genuine original exportLong Anti CamryCurved bow, arrow rests a gift, a bow, a sight, national mail. Limited buying! ! This paragraph recurve bow designed for sports enthusiasts like to build, for field training, interior decoration, outings hunting, archery learning, sports and so on.

Camry Recurve length of 64,66, 68,70 inch, pull range is 16 pounds - 40 pounds

Select the recommended :( how many dimensions in the buyer message in remarks !!) There is no description size, the size will be random delivery

Beat pro package, please leave a message bow color, as well as your height, age, wingspan, we will choose the right model for your timely delivery! Height 170 cm below the recommended 160 cm wingspan 66 inches long recurve bow Height 170-180 cm wingspan of 170 cm is recommended 68 inches long recurve bow

Height 180 cm wingspan of 180 cm above the recommended 70 inches long recurve bow