Wholesale supply of high-grade sea pole Guangwei Kit Boss 2.4 2.7 m + GW.S reel superhard far Tougan

price: US $103.68
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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Position: Ocean Rock Fshing
Position: Ocean Beach Fishing
Position: Lake
Position: River
Position: Reservoir Pond
Hardness: Superhard
Category: Rivulet Fish Rod

Product Description

GW (Weihai Guanwei Fishing Tackle Group directly supplying product) leader superhard thrown out of the vibration-type high-grade transparent box sea rod set. Granville effort to build a fine suits series, high-grade configuration, the pursuit of high-quality, high taste enjoy fishing, lead the domestic fishing trend.

Set Details:

1. a portable hard plastic case;

2. Tougan a high-end boutique;

3. a fine spinning reel;

The steel bomb a needle fishing hooks a bag;

5. a steel needle freshwater multilayer special string hook a bag;

6. multipurpose small pair of scissors;

7. uncoupling is a beautifully simple;

8.30g stream a resilient plummet;

No. 9.8 leash tie line, anti-collision beads, connector macaroni lead sinkers one;

10. The swivel pin connector 2 (swivel + pin 2; swivel 2);

11. The strap one; certificate, manual.

Of particular note is the "leader" of super-hard tone, vibration-up, Tougan, all-metal reel seat, a shiny metal armor, as if the ancient way of generals. Able to transform seven colors of stainless steel ceramic wire ring, with a fine leather jacket with a zipper system, dazzling luxury. Beautifully polished lacquer retractable handle, its flaky texture visible. Special rough color segmented rod tip, new eye-catching. The new ultra-strong selection of imported high-carbon steel, hard tone, vibration-through design, superb tonality, benefits both light and strong. In addition to the rod tip, all pole sections with a dark purple metallic paint coating, whole body exudes a breath of precious metals, calm and resolute. Shrink long only 38cm, feel it is a fine arts and crafts, see this pole, there love the feeling.

In addition, with the "leader" sea pole supporting the fine spinning Guangwei fishing vessel GW.S-2000vi, this round is the introduction of Japanese Koi RYOBI finishing equipment from its internal use of stainless steel and high-strength alloys bearing not only Rally and do not rust. In short, it is "a good horse with a good saddle", "good rod with a good round." I believe this configuration, it is the majority of anglers dream baby, but also a great gift for your friends and relatives.