WWII design car whole body refit decor adhesive sticker on car for VW POLO/LADA/NISSAN/MAZDA/FORD,waterproof vinyl

price: US $23.09
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Type: Glue Sticker
Design: Words
Sticker Placement: The Whole Body
Brand Name: Three Comrades
Model Name: Car Stickers
Item Length: 15.0 cm
Item Width: 15 cm
Material Type: vinyl stickers

Product Description

We send the sticker suitable for Pentium X80 by default.
If you need other model,please leave me a message and note your car moedel.This is very important to us.
We can customize personality car sticker according to your requirement.Welcome to consult more details.

Product Features:

Type: Carve
Material: vinyl stickers
Brand: Three Comrades
Position: For the whole car

Product Option:
ProductCode Description
CW008101 white
Package included:1*set
CW008102 red
Package included:1*set
CW008103 blue
Package included:1*set
CW008104 black
Package included:1*set
CW008105 dark grey
Package included:1*set
CW008106 reflective red
Package included:1*set
CW008107 silver white
Package included:1*set
CW008108 reflective blue
Package included:1*set

Friendly Remind:
Please don't wash your car in 48 hours.
If you want to remove the sticker, please use a hair dryer for 3-5 mins at least, to make the glue become warm. It will be much easier to remove the sticker.
If you are satisfied with our products and service,please leave positive feedback.

Product Pictures