Youth bow M115 For Beginners junior bow use for children RH&LH hunting compound bow, bow and arrow set

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Brand Name: JUNXING
Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Use: Other
Model Number: M115
feather material: plastic
is_customized: Yes

Product Description

This youth bow is very beutiful and convinent for children beyond 10 years old.

Can take it out for shooting with partner.

Right & Left Handed compound bow

Package Content

Junior bow*1 Arm guard *1 Finger tab*1 Safy arrow 27"*2

These bow and arrows are not toys

For maximum safety and enjoyment,always exercise caution,common sense and safety rules when shooting the youth compound bow set.

1.Never aim or draw your bow while facing any person or object.

2.Never allow anyone to retrieve arrows in the target until all arrows have been shot.

3.Never dry-fire your bow(fire without an arrow)

4.Be sure to inspect arrows periodically for imperfections such as cracks,splits or splinters.if an damage is detected,the arrow must be destroyed.

5.Always use an appropriate backdrop for maximum must be constructed of a durable material and must extend beyond the perimeter of the target.The recommended backstop size is subject to the accuracy and ability of the target shooter.

6.When shooting at the target always have full view of the path and beyond the target.lead off shot should be token at closer distances until the archer is accurate and comfortable at longer distances.