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100g 2014 new free shipping AAAAA grade Inner Astragalus super natural wild flowers and tea Slimming beauty

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First, Astragalus knowledge description:

Astragalus Astragalus root Mongolia and legumes such as Astragalus film . Mongolia is a perennial herb astragalus , born in the hillside , next to the ditch or under woodland , located in the northeast, north and Xinjiang , current , etc. , in the northeast, Inner Mongolia , Hebei, Shanxi and other places have cultivated ; film Born sunny hillside Astragalus or irrigation edge , or found in the river sandy ground.

1-7 years after planting to harvest, high temperatures , poor soil areas grow 1-2 years to harvest . In September-November winter or spring before buds sprout excavation, dig deep to prevent broken roots, cut reed head , shaking the net soil, sun to semi- stacked 1-2 days and then the sun until dry up , cut the lateral roots and fibrous roots , tied into small bundles .

1 Mongolia Astragalus root is cylindrical , rough up fine , few branches , 20-60 cm long , 1-3 cm in diameter . Surface yellowish brown , with a clear wrinkles and transverse lenticels . Hard and tough, fibrous section , slightly mealy . Gas specific , taste sweet , chewing beans smell of fish .

2 film with Mongolia Astragalus root Astragalus root is similar .

For example, under thick long , less wrinkles, hard and soft , the color yellow section , foot powder , sweet preferred.

Second, astragalus for the crowd:

1 , Astragalus complexion : pale yellow or yellow- red faint or dark yellow , lack luster.

2 , astragalus edema : Easy eyelids swollen , his eyes no color , leg swelling, heavy legs, weakness, particularly foot swelling , numbness of hand, foot and easy .

3 , Astragalus Muscle : Muscle soft, such as meat chin droop , or abdominal wall weakness , like cotton pillows , according to the non-inductive resistance and a sense of inflation.

4 , astragalus bone : bone is not very strong, wrists and ankles are biased thin, yellow skin .

5 , Astragalus constitution : usually easy to sweat , fear the wind , the cold case is easy to allergies or stuffy nose, or cough, or flu . Shapeless stool , or after the first dry pond .

Any strong bones , muscles, not suitable for use astragalus .

Third, the effect of Astragalus :

1 , fit and healthy. 2 , to prevent colds . 3 ** edema. 4 , prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases . 5 ** long lost sores. 6 ** visceral ptosis .

Fourth, the use of astragalus physical fitness :

( A ) Astragalus porridge

Astragalus 50 grams , rice , rice or glutinous amount. Astragalus with cold water for half an hour , decoction juice , then cook the rice with a concoction porridge, boiled , can be eaten .

Minyan said: “Long Drink Astragalus porridge , old people disease worries .” Astragalus porridge is a traditional Chinese ones , have been popular in the Song Dynasty . Su Shi’s poem ” Spring Astragalus porridge recommended disk ” is visible Su Astragalus porridge eaten .

(B ) Astragalus tea

Raw Astragalus 30 grams, washed with water, boiling water, boring 10 minutes , on behalf of the tea.

(C ) Astragalus rice

Health Astragalus 50 grams with cold water for half an hour , cook 30 minutes juice, concoction made with rice, rice is the astragalus .

Fifth, Astragalus prevent colds

Some people are likely to encounter cold weather , Chinese medicine called “Guardian table is not solid ,” can be a solid table with the astragalus . Often avoid taking astragalus recurrent colds.

The case of “The Guardian table is not solid ,” the man often a symptom that is spontaneous, ie not taking diaphoretic , nor strenuous exercise room temperature belong to the normal , more sweat , and accompanied by shortness of breath , evil wind , dizziness , colds and other symptoms.

Folk ** spontaneous, popular Astragalus jujube soup : Astragalus 30 grams, jujube 15 , fried soup , 2 times a day .

Six , Astragalus ** edema.

There are many reasons for water , are common nephrogenic edema, such as nephritis ; There cardiogenic edema , such as heart failure . There are primary disease edema best to the hospital. Some edema no primary disease , due to the physical weakness caused by , for example: in the morning swollen legs , swollen eyelids , often consciously heavy physical activity are not flexible , etc., suitable for use astragalus porridge to . **

Seven, Astragalus ** cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases .

Angina patients with coronary heart disease , Chinese medicine can be divided into two cases, one case is a simple blood stasis syndrome , if the patient’s pain and pain with acupuncture -like , which is typical of traditional Chinese medicine blood stasis syndrome , it is recommended to use blood of silt ** method, Salvia can . ** If the patient feels pain no acupuncture , and accompanied by lassitude , short breath lazy words of symptoms, or merge arrhythmias, or heart failure , or accompanied by blood stasis method ** for some time, and my heart fat appears empty phenomenon, Chinese medicine, there are qi performance , suitable methods Yiqihuoxue ** , you can use Astragalus 30 grams, five grams of Salvia , decoction , twice daily . Long-term use , can reduce the number of angina attacks , relieve pain , promote the establishment of collateral circulation in the heart .

Wang Ren Qing doctors, founded BYHWD , so far, has been the most commonly used prescription medicine ** infarction . The main drugs BYHWD is astragalus, Chinese medicine, hemiplegia cerebral infarction , where there are shortness of breath , fatigue, pale complexion , muscle relaxation, palpitations spontaneous performance , as qi and blood stasis syndrome , suitable BYHWD in Astragalus can be nursed back to health at home thirty-seven porridge. Astragalus porridge send Panax powder 1 g, 2 times a day.

Eight , Astragalus ** long lost sores.

Astragalus is known as sore home panacea , have asked rot myogenic role , especially for long- lost sores that heal ulcers eventually becoming purulent infection . Its performance is pus A thin , flat wound collapse , poor general condition . Modern medicine surgery doctors Mr. Zhao Bingnan Astragalus cream party , with 300 grams of astragalus , fry thick paste, adding an equal amount of honey , after mixing evenly spare , four times a day , once a teaspoon , this can be difficult to heal quickly ** sore .

Gastric and duodenal ulcers , also a sore , if long lasting , pale complexion , lassitude , sweat easily, like sweets , suitable for use astragalus ** porridge , congee can stomach .

Nine , Astragalus ** visceral ptosis .

Astragalus qi, there is a very significant feature is that on the basis of qi , to enhance the gas up, this effect is called ” Sun lift gas .” Gastroptosis, uterine prolapse , prolapse and other visceral ptosis diseases are caused by subsidence yang , so Astragalus is the drug of choice . Own recuperation, long-term adherence can take astragalus porridge , with unexpected results.

Ten, astragalus health tips:

1 ** postpartum sweating : Astragalus 30 grams , Motherwort 30 grams , decoction , 2 times a day .

2 ** Crane knee wind , knee swelling and pain, struggling : 240 g raw Astragalus , Cyathula 90 grams , 90 grams of meat Polygala , Dendrobium 120 grams. 4 on the fry flavor , 10 bowls of water , fry 2 bowls , another example of honeysuckle 30 grams , fry a bowl ( about 150 ml ) , Dayton clothing .

Astragalus taking precautions :

1 , Astragalus required more clothes long take to bear fruit .

2 , not suitable for able-bodied people care.

3 , fever, throat pain by red , dry stools , unfit for use.

4 , anti- hellebore , fear Wulingzhi , turtle shell .

5 , the patient and more angry , fiery , anger big Convicted of service .

6 , hypertension careful service. Most hypertension are hyperactivity , taking astragalus will increase . Online that astragalus can ** hypertension , it is a particular case .

Astragalus and ginseng difference:

Ginseng , astragalus can qi, what is the difference between them? We played a figuratively , Liu , Guan , Zhang Taoyuan trio , Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as ginseng , heroic spirit , martial guise , among the hosts will be able to take the heads , so ginseng is characterized by a large force , efficacy fast , collapse unconscious , non- ginseng nourishing strength can not treat , however, easy to get angry . Astragalus like Liu Bei , gentle personality generous , with elderly demeanor , so Astragalus qi, forces are relatively small , relatively slow onset , but good at mediation , there are Smart gas, chest tightness is not easy to get angry .

First, Poria porridge practice Astragalus details

Cuisine and efficacy : boutique staple spleen qi recuperation recipes recipes recipes hypertension

Astragalus Poria porridge Materials:

Ingredients: 200 grams of rice

Accessories: Poria 50 grams, 30 grams of astragalus

1 The Tuckahoe after drying to powder ;

2 Wash , cut into pieces after Astragalus ;

3 Wash the rice ;

4 rice into the pot , add 1000 ml of water , add slices of astragalus ;

5 Set the pan on high heat to boiling , then switch to simmer for 35 minutes ;

6 Then add Poria powder boiled for 5 minutes and serve .

Small with disabilities – Health Tip:

1 This product has dehumidifying effect of qi , qi dampness for hypertensive patients with eating ;

2 Zheng Jian leader fainting , chest abdominal swelling , nausea, poor appetite , nausea, vomiting phlegm , body weight drowsiness , numbness , Shen Juan fatigue , greasy moss , pulse slippery .

Small with disabilities – grams of food :

Rice: Tang Meng Shen : ? ” Rice is not the same horse meat , and cocklebur tumor disease can not eat , it died heartache. .”

Wang Yu Ying: ” Although the fragrant fried rice , to help the fire of dry , non- bogey in the cold will be spilled .”

Poria : Poria evil white convergence , Meng Wei Mu , Burnet, realgar , Gentiana, shells , avoid vinegar .

Astragalus : Astragalus evil Dictamni anti hellebore , fear Wulingzhi , wind .

Second, the practice run muscle beauty cake detail

Cuisine and efficacy : dessert / snack recipes beauty recipes puzzle Bunao

Run muscular beauty cake production materials:

Ingredients: rice , 250 grams, 250 grams of glutinous rice flour

Accessories: 100 grams of sesame , peanuts ( raw ) 100 grams , 100 grams of astragalus , walnuts 100 g , 100 g of soybean

Sauce: 100 g brown sugar , lard ( refining ) 200 g

1 first rice ground into powder ;

2 rice flour and glutinous rice flour , mix , fry ;

2 sesame , peanuts , walnuts , soybeans , respectively, to the net ash , fried crisp ;

3 soybeans ground into a powder ;

4 Astragalus ash to the net , thinly sliced , dry grind to a fine powder ;

5 sesame , peanuts , astragalus , soybeans , walnuts and fried rice mix two inside flattened into square wooden box , divided into small pieces.

Small with disabilities – Health Tip:

Run skin , beauty Yan . Applicable to muscle complexion , face wrinkled embolism.

Small with disabilities – grams of food :

Rice: Tang Meng Shen : ? ” Rice is not the same horse meat , and cocklebur tumor disease can not eat , it died heartache. .”

Wang Yu Ying: ” Although the fragrant fried rice , to help the fire of dry , non- bogey in the cold will be spilled .”

Peanuts ( raw ) : For those of weak stomach , peanuts not with food and cucumber, crab , otherwise easily lead to diarrhea .

Astragalus : Astragalus evil Dictamni anti hellebore , fear Wulingzhi , wind .

Walnuts : Walnuts can not be eaten with wild chicken , pneumonia, bronchiectasis patients is not easy to eat.

Walnuts not with wine with food. According to Song Ma Zhi “Kai Bao Materia Medica ” record: . ” Drinking fresh walnuts cause hemoptysis .” Probably because of the heat walnuts , eat phlegm flare , but also an Camsing hot liquor , both with the food , prone to cause blood heat ‘s sake. Especially those with chronic disease hemoptysis who should taboo. Such as bronchiectasis , tuberculosis patients , drinking white wine can cause hemoptysis, not of food and walnuts , can cause disease.

Third, the practice described in detail ginkgo soup

Cuisine and efficacy : yang tonic cultivation recipes recipes recipes anemia

Ginkgo chicken production materials:

Ingredients: 800 g broiler

Accessories: Angelica 5 grams , 5 grams astragalus , 15 grams medlar

Spices: ginger 10 grams , 5 grams of salt

1 . The tender chickens slaughtered wash stand , white nuts with blisters soft spare.

2 angelica , astragalus, wolfberry add water to a boil , boil over low heat for half an hour , to slag juice .

3 The chicks into the stew pot, pour the concoction , add white nuts and ginger, boil, turn slow simmer 3 hours , seasoning with salt .

Small with disabilities – Health Tip:

This soup contains protein , fat, carbohydrates and trace elements , can improve spermatorrhea , frequent urination and other symptoms.

Small with disabilities – grams of food :

Astragalus : Astragalus evil Dictamni anti hellebore , fear Wulingzhi , wind .

Wolfberry: wolfberry and generally should not be too much of warm tea supplements such as longan , red ginseng , jujube and other common food .

Fourth, Gan Qi stew practice details

Cuisine and efficacy : diuretic blood double up recipes recipes recipes yin recipe prostate disease

Gan Qi stew production materials:

Ingredients: pork ( lean ) 60 grams

Accessories: licorice 6 grams , 30 grams of astragalus

Spices: garlic ( white ) 10 g , star anise 1 gram, 1 gram of salt , MSG 1 gram

1 licorice , astragalus, garlic , star anise wrapped with gauze spare ;

2 Wash the sliced pork ;

3 pork slices into the casserole , add the amount of water and cook into kits ;

4 Cook until the meat cooked, to kits , seasoning.

Small with disabilities – Health Tip:

This product has qi , yin , diuretic effect , suitable for prostatic hypertrophy in patients with eating , Zheng Jian abdominal bulge , urinary For solution of sorts, urinary incontinence or nocturnal enuresis .

Small with disabilities – grams of food :

Licorice : Licorice evil Polygala , anti euphorbia, Daphne , euphorbia , seaweed .

Astragalus : Astragalus evil Dictamni anti hellebore , fear Wulingzhi , wind .

V. antirheumatic 1 detail the practice of wine

Cuisine and efficacy : arthritis recipes

Antirheumatic No.1 wine production materials:

Ingredients: 250 g cane south , Caulis 150 grams , angelica 40 grams , anti had 40 grams , 60 grams Aconitum , Guizhi 60 grams, 60 grams Cyathula , haifengteng 60 grams , Gentiana 60 grams , Astragalus 80 g, safflower 30 grams , 20 grams of licorice

Accessories: 1000 g white wine

1 first Hook, Caulis , Angelica, Stephania , Aconitum , Gui, Cyathula sea negative vine , Gentiana , astragalus , safflower, licorice chopped into casserole ;

(2) adding 5000 ml 1000 ml clean water to cook , then add 250 g sugar, leave to cool after the technology ;

3 Then add white wine bottle sealed back with a time of shake.

Small with disabilities – Health Tip:

This product has Yiqihuoxue Qufengchushi, Tongluozhitong effect, embolism in patients with rheumatoid arthritis for drinking .

Small with disabilities – grams of food :

Stephania : Anti fangchi Asarum evil , fear castor seed solution .

Aconitum : Aconitum anti Breit, Melon , Fritillaria , Fritillaria , Ampelopsis , white and evil hellebore , avoid soy sauce .

Astragalus : Astragalus evil Dictamni anti hellebore , fear Wulingzhi , wind .

Licorice : Licorice evil Polygala , anti euphorbia, Daphne , euphorbia , seaweed .

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