10 inch Tablet PC Quad Core Android 4.4 1GB ram 8GB rom 1024*600 2.0MP 6000Mah Battery / 7 and 9 inch tablets free shipping

price: US $49.90
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Item Type: Tablet PC
Tablet Data Capacity: 8GB
Network Communiction: Bluetooth
Network Communiction: Wifi
Screen Size: 10.1"
Extend Port: Earphone Jack
Extend Port: Mini USB
Extend Port: TF card

Product Description

10 inch n pu case: original 10.1 inch case

10 inch quad core:Awinner a33 quad core 1GB 8GB 6000mah battery 1024x600 dual camera font 0.3 rear 2mp

9 inch quad core:Allwinner A33 quad core 512MB 8GB 3000mah battery 800 x 480 dual camera font 0.3 rear 0.3 mp

9 inch dual core:Allwinner a23 dual core 512MB 8GB 3000mah battery 800x480 dual camera font 0.3 rear 0.3mp

7 inch q88 dual core:Allwinner a23 dual core 512MB 4GB 2000mah battery 800x480 dual camera font 0.3 rear 0.3mp

The following are 10.1 inch quad core tablet pictures

The suitable pu link is following:


The suitable keyboard case is following


10 inch 3G octa core phone call tablet link: