10070TW-A Acasis H027 & IS001 OTG Micro USB HUB Simultaneous Charging Cable High Speed USB3.0 SD TF Multi Card Reader PC Mobile

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Brand Name: Acasis
Package: Yes
Certification: 3C
Ports: 2-4
Model Number: H027+ IS001
Interface Type: Micro USB + USB3.0
Quantity: 1Set

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Acasis H027 & IS001 OTG Micro USB HUB Simultaneous Charging Cable + High Speed USB3.0 SD TF Multi Card Reader for PC Mobilephone Computer

Package included: Brand Acasis ,Product with Original Package box.

OTG Micro USB HUB *1

Multi-Card Reader *1



Before purchase, pls kindly check if your device supports Micro USB and OTG function, many models can support it, but if you are not sure of it, please google it, thanks.

Pls kindly check that it needs to be forced to restart with windows system:
Just press the power button till sutdown.
Then just restart your tablet pc

Instructions for use:

Position 1: closed

Position 2: OTG + Charging

Position 3: OTG alone

Notes and Frequently Asked Questions:

* If Position 2 OTG + charging off when charging is not applicable, please separate OTG applicable appropriated position 3;

* After switching gear OTG interrupted again connected;

* Some devices may not read OTG, plug or what equipment you can restart;

* Some tablet may be because the original charger voltage is too low, encounter without charge, then do not pull down the line, in the case of power, the switch to the back several times, and finally stopped at the Position 2 switch normally, if not you can try several times. Or just change to a charger around 5.3V.

Product Specifications:


Product Type: H027

Color: Black


1. Small, lightweight and easy to carry. Just as the size of a pen shape, easy to carry, not the space. Micro USB interface, support hot-hot-plug pulled. Data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps.

2. Supports OTG function and charge electricity. Compatibility, support for Android, win8, win7, Vista, XP, window 2000, ME, Linux and other operating systems.

3. The mobile tablet are applicable, support Micro USB port phones, tablet PCs have OTG function, only cell phones, television set-top boxes.

4. USB wide spacing.

5. Extraordinary material safety and environmental protection, environmental protection ABS shell with high-density material, non-toxic, safe environment, forming technology, durable.

6. Standard Micro USB OTG interface cable, Micro USB interface for all common mobile phone must also support OTG function.

Effective pictures only,product do not include other electronic device!

Product Specifications:


Model: IS001

Color: Black

Dimension: 88mm(L) x 24mm(W) x 12mm(H)

Product Weight: 30g


1. Unique, exclusive use of the aircraft fuselage and creative movement, surface treatment of advanced high texture, highlighting the wisdom, leading the fashion!

2. High-speed reading, USB3.0 high speed transmission up to 2.0 times 5Gbps is applicable to digital cameras to store large data equipment!

3. Extraordinary material safety and environmental protection, high-density ABS environmental protection material, non-toxic, safe environment, forming technology, durable.

4. Compatibility, support for Android, win8, win7, Vista, XP, window 2000, Linux and other operating systems. It can be compatible with all USB interface on the market of digital products.

5. In normal working condition have blue LED display, faint light no stimulation, no eye injury. Such as standby mode, LED automatic sleep, no light show, is a normal phenomenon, so as to effectively protect the safety of the product life.