Combination Set Traditional Archery Red Snakeskin Longbow Recurve Bow 6 Wood Arrows 30-80LBS CB3QHH

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is_customized: Yes
Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Brand Name: Longbowmaker
Use: Shooting
Model Number: CB3QHH

Product Description

The Combination Contain: 1PCS Bow + 6Pcs Arrows+1Pcs Arm Guards+1Pcs Finger Guard+1Pcs Quiver

BOW body Length: 148cm

Draw Length: 28 inches ; Safe Draw Length:33 inchs

Draw Weight: 20-60 LBS (Please tell us your draw weight when you purchase it , or we will sent 45LBS bow to you .)

Bow Material: Wood , Snakeskin , Glass steel , Beech

String Material: Tendon

String Length:131cm

Weight After Packing: 2.5kg

Condition: New item

This bow is well made from fine materials .It has good performance , low hand shock with good speed . The limbs are laminated with fiberglass and are tough and wear resistant . The riser is made of beach . Even though the bow is thin it wont effect the performance of it .
Don't miss out on a good deal.

NOTE: 1)This is NOT a toy do NOT shoot at people

2) We can supply arrows with this bow. For 10USD extra we can supply 3 Bamboo arrows.