diesel 4EE1 forged connecting rod for opel Isuzu engine parts turbocharger intercooler ecotec 1.7L 4EE1 8v sohc high performance

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Model Name: Izusu 4EE1
Material Type: 4340
Year: 1990
Special Features: engine enhancement
Item Type: Crank Mechanism
Displacement: 1.7
No. of Cylinders: 4 Cylinder
Car Maker: Isuzu

Product Description

Our H Beam connecting rods features

4340 (40CrNiMoA) Aircraft quality steel

CNC machined all of surfaces

Shot Peened to relieve stress

Magnafluxed, X-rayed and Sonic tested to insure quality

Heat treated HRC35-40

Weight matched sets+-1.5grams

Lower weight, Higher RPMs and Horse Power,

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