Free Shipping,Nut,Sunflower seed 780g (260g *3 bags), snacks,instant food,QiaQia Gua Zi

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Shelf Life: 240 days
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Blended
Weight (kg): 0.78
seeds: sunflower seed
snacks: food
nuts: QiaQia Gua Zi

Product Description

Sunflower seed
instant food

QiaQia"cook" manufacturing process to solve: the strict selection of seeds and taste dozens of Chinese herbal medicine and cook for 24 hours and then remove the drying, "Let the rich Chinese herbal flavor and fragrance blend of fresh fruit, full particles, crispy and delicious, there will not be bad seeds to spoil the mood, could not help but people do not like.Qiaqia "unique taste and aroma of melon seeds, mainly due to the materials used sophisticated, a unique formula from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia and overseas raw material base of high-quality Kwai Seed raw materials and Changbai Mountain natural spices, carefully after "Qiaqia" unique formula, creating a "Qiaqia melon seeds unique taste, from the word of longer difficult to tune, "Qiaqia seeds of mouth" along with well-known.
Usage: open bags of instant food
Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.