Mitoo/Reeder Android Tablet PC Tablette WIFI Tablets Phablet Cheapest Tablete 8” IPS Tabletas for Intel Tablettes Z3735F

price: US $102.52
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Item Type: Tablet PC
Tablet Data Capacity: 16GB
Network Communiction: Bluetooth
Network Communiction: Wifi
Screen Size: 8"
Extend Port: Earphone Jack
Extend Port: HDMI
Extend Port: Mini USB

Product Description

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Z3735F 8.0'' product specification
Project Specification
LCD display size: 8 inch
LCD display type: IPS
LCD display resolution: 800*1280
Touch support: Multi-touch OGS
Digitizer support: NO
external ports: Micro USB*1(charge)/Microphone*1
Audio Jack*1/Micro SD*1
micro HDMI*1
Key: Volume+/- Power Key
Camera: Front 2MP Rear 5MP
Device weight(g): 300g
Device dimensions: 207.3 mm (L) x 122 mm (W) x 9.1 mm (H)
Battery information: 4000 mAh
Adapter: Micro USB charger (5V 2.0A)
OS: Android 4.4
Platform: Intel BayTrail-T CR
CPU/chipset: Atom Z3735F
Memory options: DDR3L 1G
HDD options: EMMC 16GB
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (module)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
3G support: NO
GPS/Glonass support: NO
Sensors: G-Sensor
Security (TPM)support: TPM2.0
Magnetic keyboard: NO
Pen: NO