Purple Camo version bow and arrow archery set Hunting bow arrows set, with excellent design compound bow arrow, archery set

price: US $389.00
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Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Use: Hunting
Model Number: M120
color: Purple Camo

Product Description

M120 Purple Camo version bow and arrow archery set Hunting bow arrow set, with excellent design compound bow, China archery set Main specifications RIGHT HANDED BOW (String can be drawn by right hand ONLY) IBO Rating up to 320 fps Axle - to -Axle: 30" Brace Height: 8" Draw weight: 20-70lbs adjustable Draw Lengths: 17"-29" Let-off: 75% Bow Weight: 3.6 lbs If you like camo,you can click Features Super Aluminium alloy handle, CNC machined handled super aluminium alloy cams, rubber dampers and stabilizer, nylon arrow quiver makes more stable when shoot . Its advantages are 1) Riser is made of best quality Aluminium Alloy 2) Glassfibre limbs are double on each end, durable, beautiful and can be installed rubber dampers to reduce shock when shoot 3) Cams are handled by CNC, smooth to protect string when it moves and very durable 4) Very very wide adjustable draw weight range on each bow, that is can be adjusted freely from 20lbs to 70lbs with an accompanied spanner. Suitable for people of different ages. 5) Wide adjustable range draw length from 17'' to 29'' on each bow, can be used by archers with different stature Package Content 1 x Compound bow 1 x D-Loop 1 x Peep hole 1 x 5-pin opt sight 1 x Brush arrow rest 1 x Rubber stablizer 2 x Ruber Dampers 1 x 4-arrow quiver 1 x String silencer set 1 x Wrist sling 1 x Stainless steel release aid 1 x Allen Wrench Set 1 x String wax 1 x 60cm target paper 1 x Instruction 12 x 31'' Carbon arrow